Kisan Suryoday Yojana

    • The government has adopted an innovative approach to provide daytime electricity to farmers on agricultural feeders. Strengthening of transmission network has been initiated to supply daytime power to farmers across all the 33 districts of Gujarat in phased manner. To facilitate this, the required additional transmission infrastructure is being created at an expenditure of ₹3,500 crore. During the year, 873 CKM Lines were constructed. Approx. 3,173 villages (fully/partially) are receiving daytime electricity supply for irrigation and farming purposes under the scheme.

    Kutir Jyoti Scheme

    • Scheduled tribe (ST) beneficiaries of tribal areas will get electricity connection free of cost with one-point wiring for residential purpose. The BPL ST family or whose maximum annual income is ₹1.5 lakh for urban area and ₹1.20 lakh for rural areas is eligible to avail single-phase lighting connection. During the year, 12,126 household connections were electrified for the year 2021-22.

    Electrification under Tribal Area

    • The scheme has been expanded to provide more reliable and quality power supply in tribal areas by using better voltage profile with modern technology. During the year, 15,041 wells were electrified and strengthening of transmission and distribution network were carried out under Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana-II (VKY-2).

    Agricultural Connections

    • Government intends to electrify more wells to clear the backlog of pending agriculture applications during FY 2021-22. 38,659 Agriculture Wells were electrified.

    Kisan Hit Urja Shakti Yojana

    • This is a High Voltage Distribution System of installing smaller size of distribution transformers and reduction of LT Lines up to negligible level by converting it into HV Lines. 3,951 small capacity transformers were installed.

    Sardar Krishi Jyoti Yojana

    • The objective of this scheme is to improve and enhance public services and facilities through reliable and quality power supply by replacing old and deteriorated conductors along with associated materials and bifurcation of Agriculture Feeders.

    Surya-Gujarat Solar Rooftop Scheme

    • Gujarat ranks first in the country for installation of Solar Rooftops. Surya Gujarat scheme was launched for the purpose of providing relief in electricity bills to residential consumers. A total of 1,37,914 Solar Rooftop systems with an aggregate capacity of 550.19 MW were installed during the year.

    PM KUSUM Component–B

    • This scheme helps farmers to instal standalone off-grid solar agriculture pumpsets for irrigation and replacement of existing diesel-powered pumps in areas where grid supply is not available. The scheme includes farmers with farm ponds and surface water irrigation facilities to replace diesel-powered pump in remote areas, forests, off-grid areas. Of the total cost, 30% will be given by MNRE as CFA, 30% will be given by state government as subsidy, and 40% will be borne by the farmer. During the year, 353 off-grid solar pumps were installed.